What I learned this Fall 2022

Friday, November 25, 2022

What I learned this Fall

• Being quiet is a necessity to learn a culture. My word for the year is quiet. I will be honest and tell you that although I forgot that was my word, I've used it quite a bit. I will share more thoughts on this when the year ends.

• Preparation and rest go hand in hand when you have a busy schedule. My schedule got incredibly busy this Fall. Being prepared for my week was a must along with stopping everything to rest. Being prepared allowed my weeks to flow easily. My preparation was for my good and so I could serve my family. I can see that rest served the same purpose.

• Peace is a great shelter. In the past, I've used frustration as a shelter. I've used my drive as a shelter. This Fall, peace was a shelter. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it is making. I feel better, and life is just sweeter when we make peace a shelter.

• Being alone and being lonely are different things. I was alone quite a bit this Fall. I never felt lonely because I know that God is with me at all times. I also know I am blessed with a great support system.

• This Fall I took hospitality on the road and saw what happened. I enjoy making people feel welcome. It is challenging to have such opportunities when you are the new kid in town. Still, I found creative opportunities to be hospitable. I learned that setting up a beautiful environment can make people feel welcome. My attitude is the first and most important way to be hospitable. I also learned that hospitality truly is about the other, not so much me and "my stuff." The fruit of hospitality is seen by what people do as a result of your hospitality. Does it move them to action? I believe it should.

• This Fall, I realized some people forgot about me. I learned to be okay with that. This Fall, I wasn't shocked or upset when that happened. Part of the life we live is watching people slowly stop communicating with us. No matter how much dedication and loyalty we show, one by one, they ghost you. It didn't hurt this Fall because I am learning to see the end of superfluous friendships as part of life. True friends don't forget. They show up for you in creative ways.

• I refuse to keep knocking on a door that won't open up to me. I knocked so much of it in the past that my knuckles became bruised. Friends not only open the door for you, but some will also leave the door permanently open. I practice what I call an open-door policy with my friends. I got tired of trying to force friendships with people who didn't see me as a necessary friend. If I know that I'm more nuisance than needed, I'm out of that relationship completely. I'm still cordial and Godly, just not a part of their life.

• It's okay to allow people to be themselves. I am truly for believing the best about people. Still, when they continually show me who they are, I have to allow them to be themselves. We are all entitled to our characters. I am entitled to check the facts from past interactions and proceed with wise boundaries.

• There is room for encouragement in every heart. The ministry of encouragement is so needed. I've been so blessed as a practitioner of encouragement. When our encouragement is Spirit-led, the fruit is effective and lasting.

• I'm the first person who needs to believe in the potential God gave me. I realized this truth in the Fall. I am thankful for my support system. I am grateful they believe in me. Still, I need to be the first person who believes in myself. Stepping up to the plate is easier when you do.

• This Fall, I embarked on a project that was not as successful as I'd liked it to be. I refused to quit. I pressed on and I was blessed through the process. I've always believed that if you learn you don't lose. So I won. I also was able to have a good friend along for the ride. That was a joy. True friends will hold your hand and join you in any and all life's adventures.

• I heard someone say today that you shouldn't hate who you were in the past because that person brought you to where you are today. I thought that was an interesting thought. Some of us are harsh with our past selves. Yes, mistakes were made. We overlook the decisions that allowed us to make progress toward where we are right now. Gratitude bridges the gap from where we were to where we are. I'm incredibly grateful to the hard work and decisions that led me to this Fall. God is good and He allowed me to learn from all types of situations. 

What did you learn this Fall? 

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