The new Weight Watchers Program

Monday, December 5, 2022

Before 175 lbs Now 141 lbs

I've been using the new Weight Watchers Program for a little while. This is not the first time I've been at WW during a time they changed the program. 

I always appreciate change because it means I will reach my weight loss and health goals it. I often lose a lot during the first week of adopting the plan. This time, it wasn't different.

In all honesty, I went back to in-person meetings the week before the new program started. I lost weight because of it.

You and I know that simply driving to the next county over does not cause weight loss. What worked for me was the following:

• Tracking. Today is day 30 of tracking every day. Tracking is my number one predictor for weight loss and maintenance. 

• Accountability. Somehow, the thought of driving to a meeting and stepping in the scale informs my choices the week before. Most weeks are not perfect but I try to plan for success. 

• Meal prep. Meal prep is my superpower. I prep my meals (my family and I mostly eat the same things) on Sundays and the week is much better. Even if I only have time to boil eggs, make black beans, rice, and a lean protein, I completely benefit from it. 

I choose WW over and over because of the following:

Support. Whether I choose to do it online or in person, I'm excited to be in the company of people who 'get it.' My WW friends always encourage me to give my best and to keep going toward my goal. 

• Bread. I love carbs. I'm not willing to live without it. Every food is in the menu at WW. It is up to be to choose the most nutritionally balanced mixture of foods that supports my lifestyle. 

Education. WW is doing an excellent job educating me on the science of weight loss. The techniques I'm learning are effective and empowering. 

If you want to give Weight Watchers a try, please use my link for a free month. Also, let me know if you join so I can encourage you!