Wednesday, December 7, 2022

What did you get curious about? • How to live a quiet life personally and online.

What did you get over? • Past rejection and prejudice.

What did you good at? • Strict pull ups and snatches.

What did you embrace? • A peaceful life in Georgia.

What did you rediscover? • The joy of peaceful living.

What did you surrender to? • A busy schedule.

What did you sacrifice? • My words.

What did you sideline? • My desire to look back and ask "why."

What did you survive? • Spiritual and personal attacks.

What did you celebrate? • My children, my husband and a few friends.

Contemplate. Take time to ponder:

What did this year teach you about your capacity for courage? • Courage comes from God who tells me to be of good courage. When I accept His invitation, I can't help but to practice living the life He wants me to live.

What risks did you take? How did they work out? • I made big and bold career moves.

What did this year teach you about relationships? Love? Your capacity for forgiveness? • I learned that slowly, people forget you. The ones who choose to stay are keepers. I learned that love from God and family keeps my world going around. I learned that I need to keep forgiving, no matter what.

What particular synchronicities did you notice? • I'm not ready to talk about this yet. Still processing.

Where did you bring light to the darkness for someone? • I cried a lot in parking lots when I was leaving Longview. My friends told me that I mean a lot to them and they told me why. I was undone. I will forever treasure those words of friendship and blessing. The truth is, they are the ones that brought light into my life.

When were you generous? How did that serve you? • Generosity is something I hope to practice. I believe that I look more like my Heavenly Father when I am generous.

Did you neglect yourself in any way? was there a time when you did not allow yourself something you needed? If a similar situation arises this year, what will you tell yourself? • I often neglected myself of rest or a meaningful pause before launching into the next demanding assignment in life. I need to remind myself in writing that it is okay to pause, pray, reflect, breath, and go on.

Of all the places where you spent time, which environment made you the most calm? where did you have your best ideas? • I’m calmest when I’m in Zeke’s arms. I’m calm when I’m at home taking care of our family. I’m also calm after CrossFit. My best ideas happened when I turn everything off and I use my brain to think.

What changes did you notice in your loved ones? • My sweet kids are growing taller and growing in wisdom and love.

What went on in the world that really affected you? what did that teach you in your role in wider society? • The world is often changing. God remains the same. I’m committed to be an agent of the Lord Jesus Christ daily. God so loved the world that He sent us Jesus. I’m determined to represent Jesus everywhere I go. 

What did this year teach you about the preciousness of life? • The Bible is my anchor. I keep going back daily to read it, study and think about what I learn. God is the creator and initiator of life. I am learning through the study of the Bible what God cares about so I can dedicate myself to it.


What did you create or made happen this year? • I’d say Zeke and I made a new home in Georgia.

What brought you the most satisfaction? • I’m satisfied seeing our kids walk with God and fulfilling His calling for their lives. 

What was money well spent and when did you waste money? • Money well spent went to things that will help our children be everything God called them to be. I think money waste happens when I don’t manage it as well as I should.

What was the best use of your time and energy? Where did you waste time and energy? • I think that getting healthier is a great use of time and energy. My family is my priority. It is easier to serve God and family when I am healthier. I waste time when I refuse to forgive offenses and let them go.

What was a real success for you and why? What did you learn from that? • Moving was successful because God called us to move. I learned that where God calls He provides.

What didn't work out as you hoped? Why? What did you learn from that? • My efforts to find a job before I moved. Only God knows why. I don’t care to find out. I learned to trust God’s leadership.

What or who was a challenge? Why? What did you learn from that? • Unforgiveness was a challenge. I believe that in my humanity, I don’t want to obey God’s commandment to forgive. I learned that Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. I feel great freedom after I forgave. If Jesus can forgive, so can I.

What was the single most important thing you did for your physical health? • Stick with WW and CrossFit, no matter what.

What was the single most important thing you did for your mental health? • Journaling and running. 

If you could sum up the year in a single word, what would it be? • Better

Letting go:

Write down things you want to let go • extra body weight, regrets.

Moving forward:

When did you allow yourself to be vulnerable over the past 12 months? What did you learn in the process? • I allowed myself to cry a lot. I believe they help show us who we really are.

What do you want to carry with you in the new year? • Faith in God.

What truths are you ready to start believing? • God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all I can ask or imagine.

What are you ready to receive? • God’s best.

Time to make a plan. 

* from "Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year" by Beth Kempton.  

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