How to sustain good habits

Friday, January 13, 2023

 Sometimes, it;'s not about how you start your habits but how you sustain them. 

Starting is fun, exciting, and the thing to do. January is all about starting. The problem is, not everyone finishes. In honor of national quitters day, I want to offer a few solutions on how to sustain the healthy habits we all started these first few weeks:

• Break it down into small steps - we should dream big but we should start big at the time. Breaking your goals into small steps will guarantee that the task won't get too overwhelming too quick. 

• Find accountability - I heard someone say, "if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." The right people will help you account for your ability to finish the task you set out to do. They will encourage you and push you to keep going. 

• Watch your words - "Sometimes the vocabulary we hide behind is also the jail cell you choose to live in." - Donato Russo said this and I couldn't agree more. I'm convicted to watch my words because they weigh heavy in the results I get. 

• Wash, rinse, dry, repeat - We have to be okay with repetition if we want to continue to work towards our goals. We have to show up and write another page. We get to lace up and go on another run. No matter the activity, it needs to get repeated often.

I hope this time you don't give up. This time, you give yourself a chance to succeed.