Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Reading the One Year Bible is a rewarding experience. Today, I want to tell you why. 

  1. I chose a physical copy because I use screens all day to work. Looking at God's Words on paper gives me a break from the blue light so the Light of the World can enter my soul. I can also highlight anything I find interesting. 
  2. I remember small details of stories. For example, Esau was already married when Isaac left after stealing his blessing. An angel appeared to Laban and told him not to say anything good or bad to Isaac when Isaac was escaping with his family, animals, and servants. I treasure the opportunity to notice small details in these stories.
  3. I love Proverbs. Each day I get a small morsel of wisdom. Each day I act on the truth I learn. Can you imagine, acting on wisdom 365 days this year? The Bible gives us this great opportunity.
  4. God speaks, even when my human mind doesn't think it can happen. I'm not how He does it but God speaks through books such as Numbers and Leviticus. Recently, I was convicted of how much I complained, thanks to reading the book of Numbers. No other book is alive as the Holy Bible. Jesus did say His words are spirit and life. 
  5. The Bible is a book about God. Before I read, I pray. I repent from sin. I give all my problems to God. Then, I focus my attention on what God has to say about Himself. This is a different approach than when I used to open the Bible and make it all about me and my issues. No doubt, I will change if I choose to do what I read. It is imperative to come to the Bible in humility knowing it is about God and not about me.
  6. I have hope when I choose to read the Bible day after day. I find that a hopeless life often is accompanied by a lack of Scripture Reading. We all experience hopelessness from time to time. None of us is immune from it. The truth I found is that the more I come to God and read His book the farther away I'm removed from hopelessness. I guess that's why it is called the good news. 
  7. It is not too late to start reading the Bible this year. Start today. You won't regret it.