Intuitive Goal Setting

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Today is my birthday! I'm grateful to God for another year of life! He is so good and I'm overflowing with gratitude today! 
Here is a new podcast. It is my gift to you! I pray it encourages you as you reach your 2023 goals:

Show Notes: 

Practicing intuitive goal setting: 

Take a look at my current schedule - Ask, "can my current schedule take me and my family where we need to go?" 

Adjustment as needed - Take a look at your schedule and see how many hours you have available during the day. Match those hours with the projects you want to accomplish this year. 

Keep what is working - Some things in your schedule may be working. For me, menu planning and food prepping are really working and giving me the results I need. Having free time to visit neighbors is currently working as well. 

Write goals - this is the last step!

Be sure to share your goals with family or someone who can account for your ability to achieve these goals.

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