Sunday Seven

Saturday, January 7, 2023

1 • January is not for perfection. January is a rehearsal. The 50 lbs are not coming off this month. The foreign language you're studying is not going to come with perfect pronunciation. If you are healing, recovery will come. We might as well treat this month as practice for what we want to see at the end of the year. 

2 • I started reading the Bible in One Year this week for the 8th time. I can't get enough of those words of life! I truly enjoy reading a little bit every day. My desire is to know the God of the Bible better. I can't do that successfully apart from reading His book.  

3 • This week I spent my birthday with family. I love the uninterrupted time together to celebrate and be with each other. This year we went to hear the Atlanta Symphony. It was so fun to dress up and hear that beautiful music with my beautiful family. I'm grateful beyond words.  

4 • I was able to drink a lot of water most days this week. I work with a lot of people who drink a lot of water daily. I'm grateful for their inspiration. 

5 • Instead of being sad because the Christmas decor is down, I decided to display things that cause comfort and creativity this winter. Books, musical instruments, candles and games are some options. We are also making a "winter" playlist so we can enjoy some seasonal music. God created every season for us to enjoy. 

6 • I'm really enjoying my time in prayer first thing in the morning. If I wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, I start praying then. I find God to be better than I imagine, attentive and present to help and guide me. I enjoy listening to Him when I pray and after I say amen. Prayer is more fun if you hear what God has to say in return. 

7 • My friends are kind enough to keep in touch throughout the year but it was a treat to hear from so many people at the same time on my birthday. Friends from all over the world sent greetings, gifts, prayers, and votes of continuing friendship. I am blessed beyond measure because of my friends!