Setting better goals

Friday, February 10, 2023

January truly was the rehearsal for the year. Now that is February, I am learning how to set better goals for myself. There are undeniably effective goal-setting formulas out there. The problem is, I don't always follow through with the execution. Even the best formulas do not "register" with everyone. 

Last Sunday I was encouraged to break down my large goals in the smallest piece possible. My first reaction was, "this is silly." Then, I took a chill pill and decided to give it a try. 

My point management could use a makeover. For a long time, I've needed to rearrange my daily points for optimum energy. The goal was to allocate most points to dinner while still eating well during the day. 

I put pen to paper and decided to think critically about how I'd make this work. I planned breakfast, then lunch, and allowed most points for dinner. Day after day, this strategy work. It worked so well that I lost weight while being completely satisfied with the food I ate. 

My next small step was to become more accountable for the quantity of food I am eating. Tracking my food on the WW app is not the problem. Weighing and measuring my food is the challenge. 

One morning after a workout I decided to stop at a store and buy a journal. The same day I started tracking my food on paper. Each day, I wrote the quantity of food I was eating. 

My hope is that this small step will lead me to reach my goal this year. 

I'm learning that there is nothing wrong with setting goals at the beginning of the year. I just need to simplify my approach to them so I can remain persistent.