Tuesday, February 14, 2023

I love how tulips move. They naturally seek light and curve themselves to find it. My daughters and I were observing the tulip vase I displayed in our kitchen. The tulips I brought home from the store are not the same ones I saw this morning.

The tulips I now have found the light and moved towards it. 

I see my love journey the same way. I'm not the same person my husband met a while ago. I've changed. I actually flourished. 

We've been through many seasons of life together. We are eager to keep walking from this life to eternity as one. If you notice nature, you will see that the light is always there. The seasons are the things that change. 

No matter how harsh the temperature, the light always appears and does its work. So does the dark of night. 

 I propose that if we bend ourselves towards the light of God's love like tulips, we will be just fine. Think about it: bend towards the light in painful seasons and you will find your healing. 

Bend towards the light in lonely seasons and you will find a friend closer than any brother. Bend towards the light when things are okay and you will find unspeakable joy, full of glory. 

What we can't do is not flourish. You were meant to live in the light of God's love. Maybe today is the day to position yourself in a spot to receive it.