Weight Loss and side effects

Thursday, March 16, 2023

WW recently acquired a tech company to provide a comprehensive weight management program. This merger doesn't come without controversy. In my world think there are more important things to consider than the question "should I take medication to lose weight or not?"

I believe that each individual is an expert in their own body. They would make the decisions that best fit them and their lifestyle. Having strong opinions in this area is similar to making someone run a marathon with you. I love distance running but I know a lot of people who hate it as much. Running marathons should be a voluntary experience, not a forced one. 

The WW community talks about weight loss as a journey. I want to propose that the journey you choose has side effects.

Taking medication has side effects. I remember taking a weight loss pill in college. My heart started racing so fast. I wasn't feeling like myself. I decided I needed good health and energy to work and study. I stopped taking those pills immediately.

Going on what I call a "starvation" diet has side effects. Other than feeling miserable, my body revolts. It is difficult to get back to a normal eating routine. I had to let that go completely. What I call "starvation" diet is just that: a diet with a seriously low amount of calories.

I heard stories of many people who made the choice to have weight loss surgery. While I am glad it worked for them, it is not an option for me. I respect people's choices and I often pray they will have wisdom to choose what works for them. Most people I know who had surgery never asked for my opinion but they welcomed my support and encouragement. 

I believe we can live in a world where we can coexist. No matter what choice we make, we can all support one another to get healthier. We can encourage one another to find the solution that best suits their desired lifestyle. 

Side effects do not discriminate. 

The journey I chose has side effects. I don't talk about them often but I can tell you they exist. When you choose to eat the way I do, it has side effects. I chose WW as a plan because of my need to be free to eat whatever I choose to eat. When I follow their plan, the side effects are:

• I wake up feeling rested
• I have the energy to fuel my daily activities 
• I have the energy to fuel my workouts 
• I enjoy the foods I eat and I'm often discovering new fruits and vegetables I can try

The exercise journey I chose also has side effects. Running distance had side effects. Currently, 
• I'm getting stronger all over my body. 
• I'm becoming skilled in things I never dreamed I'd do such as wall walks
• I'm learned the proper lifting technique 
• I'm able to lift heavy things at home (such as my cast iron skillet) with ease.

Outside of food and exercise, the journey in life we choose has side effects. I'm proposing everything has side effects and we need to wisely decide which side effects we are okay with us. 

For now, I'm going to refrain from giving opinions in the journeys of others because the only choices I can make are my own.