What I learned this Winter 2023

Friday, March 17, 2023

Here is what I learned in the winter of 2023:

• The beginning of winter was harsh. While we enjoyed the holiday season, I was sick for a bit of it. I am grateful I was able to fully recover. I describe it as harsh because it felt like we were constantly adjusting to the new while recovering from the old year. The magic of winter is that together, our family can conquer mountains whether they are mountains of laundry, dishes or events, we do conquer with togetherness. 

 • We saw the faithfulness of God in our lives. He is graciously giving us opportunities to serve Him and His people. We are humbled and grateful. 

 • I realized I get to be the expert in navigating difficult weeks (and seasons). Complaining is easy. Praying, coming up with a plan and working hard are the tools of the mature. 

• People are in different places when it comes to their ability to handle friendships. Some have more friends than they can handle. Others are so burdened by the heaviness of their current relationships, they don't possess the emotional availability to have you in their lives. First impressions in this case are often correct. At least mine have been on point.

• When friends are few and far away, it is wise to remember who you are as a friend. You're a good friend. You will have good friends at some point. It is wise to reach out to friends and family who love you and give them all your kindness and care.

• I stopped knocking on the doors of friendships who would not open up for me. In some instances, my hands were bloody from knocking so much. My knees scratched from kneeling and asking for earthly forgiveness that wouldn't come. I got up when I realized that it was up to me to be at peace. Walking away produced peace. I'll take it.

• This winter I stopped asking "why." I stopped having nightmares of how I wish things would have been. I'm so glad. When you're at peace, your inner life reflects that calm.

• Our winter was filled with music competitions and camps for the kids. There was also a lot of practices, a lot of try outs and performances. It's been a joy to see them grow up as musicians.

• When you truly decide you want to accomplish a goal, all sorts of helpers show up to encourage you. In my negativity, I'd think the opposite would be my reality. This Winter, I received a lot of encouragement and support to reach my health goals. I was also able to encourage people who are close to me everyday as they tackle their personal goals.

• I am learning to be a better listener this Winter. This very thing has been on my to-become list for many many years. I'm finally doing something about it. I'll have to write more about my lessons once I fully become a better listener.

• This winter I was reminded that I have a lot of progress to accomplish when it comes to gratitude. You'd think I know better but nope. I'm still learning, still applying Godly wisdom and still practicing gratitude from the heart. 

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