How to start and how to keep exercising as a habit

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

If you want to start or keep exercising, you will love this podcast and post!

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I remember life before I started working out on a regular basis. I remember sitting on my couch and writing down "one day I will enjoy running and exercising." If I could trace my steps back, here is what I did to get here:

Before starting to exercise 

• Write down your vision for yourself. Mine was to enjoy doing something I never really thought I could do. Any pend and paper will do.

• Use what you have. I didn't know there were clothes and shoes made for people who worked out. I used what I had for a long time. The habit of working out is more important than spending money in something you don't know if it will work. 

• Take small steps. We sometimes make the mistake of taking giant leaps into creating a new habit. Small steps allows us to better acclimate our new life. 

Already exercising as a habit 

• Ask questions. I used to observe people using a product I wanted. I also asked a lot of questions. One time, this habit saved me from the pain of injury. The shoe company was making bad product and a lot of trendy folk were getting injured. I used the same approach with other products too. 

• Respect your limits. The easiest way for things to go wrong is when we don't respect our limits. I quickly discovered that rest days are important. Recently, I am learning that it is okay to push myself to achieve more. Either way, limits are important. 

• Add it to your calendar. Adding my exercise of choice to my calendar gives me another layer of accountability. Some classes make you sign up before you can show up. I'm often one of the first people to sign up. Not only do I want to guarantee my spot, I also want the benefits that come with class attendance.