Sunday Seven

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday Seven

My personal growth challenge last week was to practice consistency. Here are 7 things I learned. 

1 • Finish what you start • Consistency is defined as "conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. Steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc." I chose to apply this by finishing what I started. Whatever task came into my hands at work or home, I finished what I started. I can say my character and inner life gained a boost of motivation. 

2 • Practice prior preparation - Preparation is my superpower. I learned to embrace it because it helps me do everything better. Being prepared saves me time and allows me to thrive through difficult and simple tasks. Whether I am about to read my Bible or go for a run, prior preparation makes every task better. How so?

3 • Preparation promotes progress - The goal of preparation is to see something happen. I prepare to read my Bible because I want to know God better. When I don't prepare, excuses start to cloud my judgment. The same thing happens when I fail to prepare to exercise. I think: "I'm tired. This is too hard. I could use more sleep today." My progress is almost guaranteed when I prepare because barriers are eliminated ahead of time.

4 • Nurture others daily. The greatest call I have right now is to be Zeke's wife and the mother of our children. I fulfill this call by nurturing my family daily. Consistency in nurturing others is supposed to be sacrificial and so is love. Choosing to nurture through acts of service, care, and encouragement reminds me of how consistent God is. I find in Him the source of strength and grace to nurture my family.  

5 • Showing up is consistency's superpower - A mentor of mine told me about the importance of showing up years ago. I believe the power of consistency happens when we show up to do the work. Showing up and rolling up my sleeves has taught me the beauty of consistency. 

6 • Repetition is consistency's fraternal twin - I say fraternal because you don't do a double take when repetition and consistency are present in the same room. We all know that repetition and bad habits also work together really well. I say fraternal twin because when repetition and consistency work together, we develop a unified front. That unified front allows us to journey toward our goals in a peaceful and secure way. 

7 • My habits determine my level of consistency - The habit of going to bed early determines my level of early morning exercise. My habit of batch cooking on Sundays determines my ability to serve homemade dinners to my family most nights of the week. Think: how are my current habits affecting my level of consistency?