Thursday, May 25, 2023


Failure is a great servant but a bad master. I've failed more times than I care to write about. After failing while attempting to complete a recent project, I decided to leave my feelings aside. I decided to explore the concept of navigating failure.

The only prerequisite for failing is being alive. Everyone goes through it, few grow through it. I want to be one of the few. 

I learn best when I ask questions. What if this failure is an opportunity in disguise? What if it could serve as a step in the right direction? 

I kept reflecting. The lessons we learn from failure are subtle. I believe that's why we repeat the same mistakes. I decided to turn the volume up on my failures. 

I'm learning to detach myself from negative feelings so I can better learn from failure. Learning happens best when my mindset is positive. Even if I need to wait for a day or two, it is great to wait and ask: "what can I learn from failure?" 

If I learn from failure, I win. I win because I become wiser and stronger. 

Failure is an event, not a person. Wisdom finds an avenue into our lives when we make the event a learning opportunity.

Consider everything I just told you when you think of your last failure. Consider failure as a servant, not a master.