Sunday Seven

Sunday, May 28, 2023

A gift from my neighbor's backyard

1 • While it is tough to accept not everyone likes us, it is freeing to accept we are loved by family and God. This is a lesson my children learned this week. We told them the same thing happens to us too. You discover someone treats you as if you are less than and you make the decision to be yourself (polite) but refrain from further engaging with the person.

2 • Silence is wisdom. I avoided a lot of needless disagreements by being silent. It didn't mean approval. It didn't mean surrender. It meant space. It meant a pause. When I calmly wait, God can come through and act. 

3 • When it is time to speak. It is good to use words of wisdom. It is good to use clarity. It is good to affirm the commitment to excellence because that's who we are. 

4 • Prayer paves the way for the righteous. I'm not sure what the past year would have been without constant prayer. It became more than a laundry list or a Christmas list. It was about humbling myself under the mighty hand of God and finding help in times of need. It was about honoring who God is and remembering who I am. 

5 • When people expect little of you, let them. I'm learning people do not determine every good thing God planted inside of me. They do not determine my stewardship of the gifts and talents God gave me. So, let them expect little because the development of potential is up to you. They get to be and remain bystanders. 

6 • Good neighbors are blessings that need to be cultivated and encouraged. I'm blessed with great neighbors. I thank God for them and I pray for them often. I don't without kindness. I share it as God leads. I receive the same kindness as God leads them with gratitude.

7 • Sometimes, less is more. If you are too overwhelmed right now, try doing less. We tell ourselves we can't but I bet we can cut down on needless things, people, and activities so we can focus on more of God in our lives.