Listenbee Kitchen this week

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

We started the week with a holiday (yes!). My husband grilled, which was incredibly lovely. I remember asking the kids what they wanted to eat. I built the menu around some of the foods they suggested. I realize today is Tuesday so here is the plan so far:

Sunday • Coconut Curry Chicken - recipe here • This was a first-time recipe for us. It was delicious. So much so that I packed all the leftovers and took it to work. I'm not sure about you but I often wonder what happens to the other meals people do not blog about. We ate out at our neighbor's for dinner. They grilled and it was a lovely meal. 

Monday • Grilled sirloin, grilled corn, kale salad, grilled asparagus, and grilled sweet • We enjoyed this meal so much. Everything tasted fresh. 

Tuesday • Shrimp with homemade alfredo • I've been very unhappy with store bought alfredo sauce. Now that the kids are home from school I decided to make alfredo or white sauce as we Brazilians call it. 

Wednesday • Brazilian night: rice, beans, farofa and chicken. • A staple in our home. We often pair it with a green salad or some simple vegetable. 

Thursday • Pizza from ALDI • The price went up yet it is a great tasking pizza for a small amount of money. Sometimes I only bake half of it. 

Friday Spaghetti casserole • I think the last time I made this I had two tiny preschoolers while expecting baby number three who is almost 11. It will be nice to see what the family thinks of it. 

SaturdayCrockpot Chicken Fajitas • I discovered this recipe in the Fall. It is easy to make and we truly enjoy making it our own with different combinations of fixings. This recipe tastes amazing. This time, instead of fajitas, the kids wanted chicken quesadillas. I made extra chicken so I had it with salad and veggies. 

A note about summer. I cook a lot any way but this is our first official week on summer break. We plan to make one dessert a week to share with neighbors and friends. The kids will do a lot of the baking with me. I also will plan to have a strict breakfast and lunch menu. Strict because the better I plan, the better we eat.