Summer Health Challenge

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

"A goal properly set is halfway reached." - Anonymous

Summer is the perfect time to set health goals. At least it is for me. The pace of life changes a little bit. Because the kids are not in school, my mornings are freer. It is easier to exercise outdoors during the summer. A variety of summer vegetables, herbs, and fruit are available this time of year. What's not to love about these benefits?

We all have been trying to invest in our health since the beginning of the year. How do we remain motivated or regain motivation? Summer health challenges are one to motivate yourself.

Here is how my challenge works:

• I set two behavior goals
• I also set a weight loss goal for the next two months

Then I start working on both of these things. Very simple. But let's dig deeper. 

I decided to ask myself, "Where do you want to be one month from now? How about two months from now?" I had a number in mind. I also know that numbers do not drive lasting change. Changing my behavior will for sure get me there. 

Because two months feel like a long time, consider the last 48 hours of my life (or 2 days). I was able to lose *0.4 lbs. How did that happen exactly?

• I saw a weight on the scale I didn't care for.
• I asked, "What do I want to achieve in two days?" 
• I reflected on which actions, would give me the results I wanted. Here are a few actions:

Action: Eat nutrient-dense foods
- Write a menu
- Go to grocery store
- Prep the food
- Pack the food
- Take the food to work
- Enjoy the food

Action: Drink 3,000 ML of water
- Take my 3,000 ML water bottle back to work
- Add mint to the bottle
- Add water to the bottle 
- Drink the water 

Action: Exercise **5 days
- Do laundry
- Separate 5 days' worth of gym clothes
- Set the alarm clock
- Sign up for the class in advance 
- Go to bed early

I am a believer that properly setting goals will always lead me to where I want to go. 

This challenge is not about perfection. It is about doing what I can (write down my food, drink all the water, etc.) with what I have. 

If you want to join me, please feel free! I want to know what your goal is and more importantly, what are the two actions you chose?

I will give you an update in 4 weeks and another one in 8 weeks. Here's to setting better goals as we achieve better things.

* weight fluctuates. This is not a formula. Consult your doctor before starting a weight management program and an exercise program. 

** I've been building the number of days I exercise for the past 15 years. Some people do more, others less. The key thing is to do what works for you.

*** This post is for entertainment purposes only. I'm not a medical or exercise professional. 

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