Quick fix: summer body

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

'Tis the season of quick fixes. The summer is in 35 days. What a lot of people do is get desperate and ask themselves: how can I get the best results with the least effort?

I don't blame them. Working smarter is a thing. The problem is when we have to keep starting and restarting our health journeys. Talk about frustration. 

A common barrier is the number of holidays between now and the summer. After Mother's day, there is Father's day, memorial day, and independence day. Don't forget about Juneteenth, family birthdays, and summer vacation. 

How in the world am I expected to say in shape with all of these things going on in my life?

The problem with quick fixes and desperation is that the results may not be long-lasting. 

I'm not sure about you but when I'm desperate, my decision-making ability decreases. The decisions I make in a stressed estate are not the same as the decisions I make with a calm mind and clear heart. 

I've been there too. I didn't like how my clothes were fitting so I'd look up the quickest, most ridiculous diet on the internet. 

I never received lasting results from such approaches. Looking back, I wish I asked myself the following question: What will this approach cost my body and pocket? 

A lot of "miraculous" solutions are pricey. Starving my body is costly. Spending hundreds of dollars to damage my body and mind is a price I am no longer willing to pay. 

Six years ago I decided to go on a solo health journey. The journey would give me more than a "summer body," I gained the satisfaction of never having to look for a quick-fix solution because I was able to finally figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle continuously. 

When you live from fix to fix, it takes a minute to realize what true freedom looks like. In my case, a corporation didn't give me this. Plans and programs are tools. I'm the one responsible for the results I obtained. 

I recorded a podcast giving you more details on my solo health journey. You can listen to it here

If like me, you are too tired to try another expensive program again, listen to the podcast and reach out. Freedom is closer than you know. It is also free of charge because you hold the key.