Sunday Seven

Sunday, May 14, 2023

My parents in 1980. Mom is holding me :)

Happy Mother’s Day! Motherhood is God’s creation and original idea. Today, I want to celebrate the mothers who raised me. I celebrate my fellow moms who inspire me to love and nurture. I also applaud the moms and mentor moms in my life who are no longer here. Here are a few of their names as well as a few thoughts on the day.

My brother and I with mãe

1 • Mãe - my mother is the best mom I know. Her force, tenacity, and care are unmatched. Each year she teaches me more and shows me how motherhood can redeem, enhance and empower. I’m unsure what I did to deserve her but I’m deeply grateful.

Celebrating a 5K with my oldest in 2009

2 • Vó Maria - my paternal grandmother had the force of a category 4 hurricane. Her words that the efficiency of a skilled brain surgeon. Her walk with God was vivacious. Her impact lives on for generations. 
My sweet girl in 2010

3 • Vó Dico - my maternal grandmother was sweet as an enduring love song. She taught me how to care for people from a heart of passion. She was easy to love, impossible to forget, and incomparable to anyone else I’ll ever meet. Her strength was birthed out of redeemed sorrow. Her impact in God’s kingdom lives on. 
Squeezing my oldest two in 2010

4 • The gift of honor is the best thing a mother can receive.  The word honor means "high respect, as for worth, merit or rank." The deed of honoring our mothers as adults means to practice honoring in their presence but especially in their absence. Honoring mothers (and fathers) is a commandment for Christians. I know it is not easy. Still, God doesn’t make an exception for us. Willingness to obey comes from a heart that asks, what if God can redeem and restore this tough part of life?
My son's birthday in 2011

5 • Motherhood is such an all-embracing entity. This universal experience is old as Eve, while new as a first-time mom. Mothers are different but the indistinguishable essence of motherhood is the same. If you can compile it in one word, you'll come up with LOVE.
A Wednesday in our lives: 2013

6 • More is caught than taught in motherhood. I keep reminding myself that I’m not supposed to replicate my childhood. I am called to take these new beings God gave me and love them to the best of my ability. The more healing I receive, the better I can raise my children.

I'm glad I registered this day in our lives in 2012

7 • Motherhood can be a race. Against time, against our own insecurities and fears. I have also learned that it can be a beautiful race toward God. He's always there. He knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb, He knew what kind of birth you'd have, He knew how tough this season can be, and that's why He provides an oasis along the way for you and me.
Vó Dico

Vó Dico, mãe and my sister Lady

Vó Dico and her crochet

A day in our lives: 2013

Fall of 2012 photo

Grocery store trips looked like this.
A church bathroom selfie in 2013

My late cousin Wesley, my cousin Harley, Vó Maria,
and my uncle the week I moved to the US

Mãe and Vó Maria in her last years

I try to introduce the kids to international flavors. 
This is Brazilian pizza in 2012

My mom's graduation