SHC WeeKS 2 and 3

Friday, June 23, 2023

Summer Health Challenge Weeks 2-3

"You don't need luck if you have a plan." 

I can't believe how busy our summer has been. 

The good thing is that I am not too busy not to take care of my health.

Week 2: Vacation Bible School happened during this week. I did not volunteer but I sent two volunteers. This is only the second time in 14 years I don't volunteer because I work full-time. The kids had a blast. It was a joy to see them enjoy this special time of year. My husband was sick during that week. While he recovered, I took care of our family. I took the kids to a swim meet that week as well. I prepped everything the kids needed, including dinner. I ate one of the sandwiches I prepared. It was delicious. I'm not a sandwich person but that night, I enjoyed that one. I thought, "Why would I pack something for the kids I wouldn't eat myself?" I drank a lot of water that week and I met my water goal. I finished the week maintaining my weight. I was happy about that because of all the responsibilities I managed that week. 

Week 3: I arrived at week 3 pretty tired. Still, I was determined to stick with my healthy habits. No matter how busy the week is, I always find time to prepare my food ahead of time. I prep my menu for the week and my lunches for work. I also prep some breakfast options. We hosted family during this week, which required extra preparation for hosting. There were lots of cooking, cleaning, hosting, and enjoying family time. Here is some extra reflection:

What worked:

• Writing a menu for the week - I'm amazed at how this small step raises the quality of the meals I prepare and eat. 

• Drinking water daily works - it may seem like a lot of work but being hydrated helps me feel and work better. 

• Exercise - no matter how busy or tired I was, I went to CrossFit. There were many days I wanted to stay home. I decided to press on and pursue my goal. I also hit a lot of personal records (PRs) these past two weeks. It was joyful to see my weight lifting progress. 

What didn't work 

• Lack of sleep - I didn't sleep enough hours a couple of days. I proceeded to catch up as soon as I could.

• Lack of food journaling - there were days I was so busy I didn't write on my journal.

• Discouragement - Lack of sleep really did a number on the scale. I was discouraged. Yet, I decided to keep going with my habits. I was happily surprised to see those numbers going down a few days later. 5-pound Fluctuations happen. I just can't be discouraged. 

Goal for the next week:

  • Meet my water goal daily by 4 pm
  • Write all the measured and weighed food I consume daily. 

Here is how my summer challenge works:

• I set two behavior goals - June's goals are water (3,000 ml or 100 ounces) and food journaling (writing it daily). 

• I also set a weight loss goal for the next two months (June 149.7 and July 141.7). 

Initial weight: 158.1 lbs

Week 1: 155.8 (-2.3)

Week 2: 155.8 (0)

Week 3: 154.9 (-0.9)

Goal 1: 149.7

Goal 2: 141.7