Camp Listenbee Week 2: stepping out stepping in

Monday, June 19, 2023

As the kids' ages change our schedule also changes. Now that we have two in youth group, they can go to youth camp. 

We celebrated Zelia's birthday ahead of time because brother and sister would be at camp. This was different for all of us but we managed well. They wrote cards so she could read them the morning of her birthday. Soon after, a lot of cousins came in to celebrate with her. What a joy! A lot of friends and neighbors also joined the party. 

This week reminded me of all the years we're investing in the kids. You step out and show who you are. You show your character, persona, personality and how you live what you believe. 

You also step in and receive love, nurture and encouragement from family. Family is a big blessing. We can always be who we are. We are always reminded of who we were created to be.