Sunday Seven

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Photo: inside the oldest church in Bath, NC. St. Thomas Episcopal Church was built in 1734.

Every week presents a different set of challenges. This past week was unique because some challenges were internal. Here is what I learned. 

1 • Quietly discerning a room is the way to go. I have the habit of speaking too much, too soon. Being quiet allows me to gain insight and to act wisely. I miss this opportunity when I jump into speaking. Even when I'm right, I can be misunderstood because of this promptness. 

2 • I can trust the Lord with everything within me. He has my well-being in mind, always. I'm grateful. 

3 • Zeke and I were blessed with extra time to connect as a couple. I found myself appreciating that extra time and delighting in his presence. I believe our activities were meaningful because we both craved more connection time. There is an easiness that comes from years of unity as God designed. 

4 • The one thing I told the people closest to me this week was 'dream big.' They all connected with these two words. I'm so glad I have people who completely love me for who I am and listen to my thoughts and ideas. 

5 • It's okay to have different standards of excellence than others. We are different for a reason. We get to express the gifts God gave us uniquely. It's okay to choose excellence, even if makes others feel uncomfortable. I want to give my best always. I want to be a good steward of the talents I received. 

6 • Jealousy is mental uneasiness and resentment towards the other. When I sense someone is jealous of me, I let them. I'm only responsible for myself. I don't provoke, invoke, or convoke the person. I simply let them be while I stand in my confidence. 

7 • My husband and I were blessed to connect with friends we made a long time ago. These friends reminded us of the initial training we had in ministry. The Godly character they displayed reminds us of who we are and who we are called to be. It is refreshing to be with them because they truly walk humbly with God.