133 days until 2024

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Fall is in full force as far as we are concerned. Our schedule kicked in and we are not looking back. 

I'm learning the importance of having a vision for myself. God called me to be His. He also called me to be Zeke's wife and the mother of our three children. I have this in mind when I think of what my vision is. 

I'm also a professional. I have goals and dreams in that area too. Vision helps me not to get lost amid so many incredible opportunities out there.

What stands between me and my goal?

I like this question because it speaks of distractions. Distractions are not always bad. If my goal is to finish a project at work, the opportunity to join an organization which in turn adds more activity to my life distracts me from my goal. Ask me how I know. Experience. I think that in the past few weeks, I was asked to join a lot of organizations. I was also invited to join various people to do good things. 

I had to take a break and consider my vision. I learned that no is a complete sentence. I proceeded toward that which I want to achieve. 

There are 133 days until the end of the year. I like this number because I know what focusing on my vision is the best way to use my time now. Fruit follows sowing. The question becomes, what type of fruit do I need to sow now to see my vision come to pass in 133 days?

One of my goals for the year is to read the Bible. I'm currently late. I've been here before so I know what to do to catch up. The vision behind the goal is to get to know God's word better so I can obey Him. That's my vision. The seed I need to sow now is spending time reading and studying God's word. While I am tempted to photograph and record myself doing such a thing, I think that reading time is a precious, scarce commodity. I'm choosing to read, think about it, pray, and obey. 

Friend, you are not too busy to invest in your vision. I invite you to ask: 

What stands between me and my goal?

What type of fruit do I need to sow now to see my vision come to pass in 133 days?