A simple solution for Discouragement

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

I may get on my knees discouraged but I do not leave the same way. God has a way of infusing Himself into my perception.

When I focus on Him and His words, discouragement does not last long. 

This simple act of going to God in prayer allows me to:

• Surrender to Him. I don't want to surrender to the circumstances that led me to discouragement. I surrender to the King of heavens, the One who sees, knows, and cares for me. I would rather be surrendered to Him than to the uncertainty of life. 

• Praise Him. Prayer is not about me and my stuff all the time. Coming to God allows me to remember that He loved me first and I love Him too. I begin to say good things about Him and who He is. I think back over my personal and family history. All I see, despite any challenges, is a God is faithful and true. I enjoy this good feeling. I tell Him so. 

• Thank Him. I find a lot of reasons to thank God. I've been studying Biblical gratitude for a few years. The more I thank God, the better I feel. Gratitude is Godly. It changes my being and it exalts my Creator.

• I repent. "Cintia, I thought you were discouraged" you may say and you are correct. Repentance is part of a transparent Christian life. I fail. I sin. I fall short daily. Repentance allows me to own up to the fact that I am far from perfect. It allows me to remember Jesus' sacrifice for me. It brings me to the doorway of freedom and the highway of righteousness. I will not allow myself to be blinded by pride. I will confess my sin. I will find forgiveness in and through Christ. 

• I make my request. There are times I'm so discouraged, I don't know what the ask should be. Thy will be done is always a wise prayer. Sometimes, I tell God what I need. I know He only has good stored up for me. 

• I pray that I can hear His answer. I often feel so good at this point, that I get up and go drink coffee. I am learning to pray that I can hear back from God. Sometimes, the answer is know right away. Other times, it takes a while. The fact is, God answers. I'm the one that needs to be attentive to His voice.

If you find yourself discouraged, please know that the person who knees is not the same person who gets up from her knees. 

God strengthens those who hope in Him. Pray today.