Life post-holiday

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

I love holidays, and I treasure each one of them. The problem sometimes happens when I am not prepared for life post-holiday. I decided to focus. 

I asked myself, what is my priority? The word is not priorities. I heard someone say if you have priorities you have no priority at all. What is my one thing became the question I needed to answer. 

I often say I have a priority but my schedule often shows a different story. 

I decided to do the following:

• Commit to the priority I have for each area of life. I started by listening to the science behind focusing on the most important thing for this season. God always comes first. I'm determined to pray each day, read His word and obey Him. I am determined to listen to His voice because I often ask for guidance for each day and each situation I am facing. Lately, I've been encouraged to commit to the demands of this season. I am to serve humbly. 

• I lived long enough that the myth of a person dropping every human responsibility to go on top of a mountain and commune with God is not going to happen to me. I decided to commune with Him as a priority, just as I am. He meets me and I allow His word and presence to change and rearrange me. Still, other things need to get done. 

This holiday week I decided to pick up the household chores where I left it. I was very blessed by my husband who did most of the work that needed to be done. I was able to rest and complete other chores that would get us ready for the week. 

I'm glad I decided to focus and remember what's important. I was able to rest and be renewed in a greater way. 

I still have laundry to do and groceries to pick up. I still have joy and peace post-holiday. I know what is important and I am focusing on those things. 

I can't change everything that needs to be changed. I do know I can take small, focused steps on the right direction. 

What is your focus today? This week?