Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Today, I wanted to share 7 questions you usually get when you move. 

1. Are you settled? • This is a fair question. It can be answered in a variety of ways. It speaks of care, curiosity and empathy.

2. Who are you? • This is more of an indirect question. When you move, you have to introduce yourself to a lot of people for a long time. I always think that my question should reflect the fact that I am God's child, Zeke's wife, and mother of three. 

3. How are the kids? • People often wonder how kids adjust to transition. I believe that kids are more resilient than we believe they can be. I see strength, resilience, joy and flexibility.

4. Do you miss your previous home? • I was caught off guard with this question. Each place I've lived has been different. Somehow, this was a question relevant to the person. People often ask me if I miss Brasil, which I do. Not many ask me if I miss my previous home or State.

5. What will you do for yourself? • I've been blessed with a few people who have insight beyond my surface. A sweet lady noticed I finally had all the kids at school and I was grateful. She asked me, "what will you do for yourself?" 

6. How's it going? • This question comes with hesitancy. It should. Moving can be and it is stressful. A general question will make a way for whatever answer the person wants to give. 

7. Oh, you're from Texas? • Texans are great. While we lived there, I used to hear people say "I'm not from Texas but I got here as fast as I could." People's experience with Texas is varied. We appreciate everything we learned and experienced there. It truly made us better.