Looking back

Thursday, November 9, 2023

I don't like to put the year in a box because things can change for the better. In difficult times, I find the faithfulness of God to meet me where I need the most. 

I can't tell you how many times I was having a bad day and all of a sudden I found a letter from a friend in the mail with sweet words of encouragement. I've been down just to find God's people lifting me up with God's love. 

This year may not have been your favorite but it is not over yet. God is still on the move. He does not lack in love, care, wisdom, and miracles. 

I want to encourage you to expect that which only God can give. All that is good and perfect comes from Him. 

In dark times, His light will shine brighter. Just look for Him there. The darkness does not hide from God but the night shines as the day, the Psalmist writes. The darkness and light are both alike to God. 

Call on His name and He will be there. 

Next month I will write a series of reflective posts about this year. I'm learning that while it is good to reflect before the year is over, clarity sometimes comes at a distance. 

The more I distance myself from certain events, the clearer the picture becomes. I don't believe in having a selective memory of such events but cultivating gratitude for what was. I also believe that if God wants me to have insight into certain situations, He will give it to me. It is vain to look for meaning in things meant to be hidden. 

I am choosing to ignore what needs to be ignored because I did what I could at the time. I was honest. I was clear. I was loved. I offered words of repentance and peace. As far as it was up to me, I lived in peace. My boundaries were firmly planted in the words and ways of God, no matter how long it took me to extend forgiveness and grace. 

I hope you are having a good year. If you are not, please know a lot of us understand. Keep walking with God. Keep relying on friends. Things change because God is merciful and He will see you through this tough time.