Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 5, 2023

1. When the unexpected shows up unexpectedly, I can always call on the name of the Lord.

2. The kids and I have been praying that God would allows to bring hope to the hopeless. I don’t always know when these situations present themselves. Recently, I knew for sure it was time. I’ll always treasure being used by God. He is our hope and assurance. It’s an honor to share Him with others.

3. Humility is a choice. It’s challenging to choose it when I really don’t care about the recipient. I’m often reminded of the words of the Bible. The Bible is a mirror and every mirror begs for a response. I’m determined to follow the Lord and I will have a posture of humility, no matter how much my ego dislikes it.

4. My husband and I started dating 20 years ago. I’m grateful to God for the gift of his love. We’re having fun and learning each day how to be the family God has called us to be.

5. I love my job. I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy County Government until God placed me there. The best part of the job are the precious people who make our county the best place to live. I’m deeply grateful.

6. We’re in our busiest season of the year. I’ve been smart about scheduling my rest. Rest is healing. I’m also realizing that my fueling really matters. The more quality I put in my body the better energy I have.

7. This Fall has been the best one I’ve had in a few years. Thank you Jesus.