Monday Thoughts

Monday, November 6, 2023

I'm grateful for the weekend. I had a chance to rest. I completed a training run for my upcoming half-marathon in January. It was very cold out. I knew I needed to go out and complete my training. I'm glad I did. The rest of the day consisted of cooking, taking care of family, and resting a bit. 

Rest is healing. When I woke up on Sunday, I could look in my eyes and still see the heaviness of the week. 

While driving to church, I carried that heaviness along with me. I had praise and worship music playing. I held on to the words and I honestly sang them to God with faith. 

I felt as if God was telling me to look up and remember what He did for me. His victory on the cross was absolutely all I'll ever need in this life and beyond. The thought of it, set me free from the heaviness. I'm glad I serve a God who gives beauty for ashes. The oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness. He is comfort and the Comforter. Hallelujah. 

Sundays can be days filled with activities. While I try my best to be ready for them, I can't always make it happen. What I can do is plan for busy days and rely on grace as the day progresses. 

Yesterday we ended up having homemade pizza at the end of a super busy day of worship, service, and rehearsals. Creating is renewing.

I also remembered that all my strength training is for days like Sunday. I was tired but thank God for the strength to go on and provide for my family's needs. I'm grateful.