Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 12, 2023

1 - Thank God for new days. I'm grateful for the chance to try again to be more like Jesus. Someone who listens more than speaks. Someone slow to anger. I'm grateful for the opportunity of a brand new day. 

2 - There are simple ways to manage stress. Sleeping well, eating the best nutrients with each meal, and hydration. Sharing what I'm feeling with a close friend is helpful beyond measure. Moving my body on purpose (exercising) is wonderfully helpful. 

3 - Service is about the person being served. It is not about me. If we stick with humility, we will better recognize the needs before us and we will meet them. 

4 - It takes a while to get to know people. Even if we wait, we will only partially know them. The best thing is to take a cue from the Scriptures and see people as God would: patiently, kindly, believing the best, forgiving, and serving. 

5 - Champions prepare for competition differently than a normal person. They have clarity of goal (winning) and they train to win. When the going gets tough, the routine of training provides a safeguard. In the same way, goal-achieving requires clarity followed by the actions that lead to the desired outcome. 

6 - I'm amazed at how much better this Fall has been than previous Falls. Peace is a good companion. Wisdom is a great teacher. 

7 - One of my greatest earthly freedoms is having nothing to prove. Pause and calmly think of that.