Back to WW: finishing strong

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

I am walking out of the two busiest weeks of 2023. While our Spring schedule is busy, it does not include these many activities, performances, and travel. I'm blessed and grateful to be on this side of it!

We traveled during Thanksgiving week. It was lovely to unplug and spend much-needed time with family. We came back to a week filled with preparations for our largest production at church: the Christmas Show. 

Thanks to God and to a wonderful crew of people who worked diligently, everything went well. It was a blessing to be both a part of the event and to support my husband as a worship pastor. Our entire family was involved. I had a lot of things to do with and for the kids. One of our kids was under the weather but he was a trooper and gave his very best, ear infection and all. 

I am grateful to God for neighbors and friends who came to support the production. My husband's birthday was also during these past two weeks. There were multiple cakes. His birthday was a work day but we made sure he was celebrated and honored. 

How did I take care of myself? I followed the holiday plan again but with deeper confidence. 

Confidence simply came from doing what I said I was going to do. Here is what I said I was going to do:

I simplified all my processes - I simplified meal planning and prep. I decided to buy meals that were ready to go. When eating out, I considered the things I had already tracked. Simplifying my processes was the key to success. 

I kept exercising - I found a race to run when out of town. It was extra fun because my family joined me. It was fun to see everyone's smiles and encouragement. I simplified my exercise plan by remembering what my goal is. I am focused on running a half marathon in 4 weeks. Running distance is currently taking precedence over lifting super heavy. I'm still weight training but not to the detriment of my running form. I'm also rediscovering the joy of distance running. I missed running distance. 

I gave myself grace - A close friend reminded me I needed to give myself grace during this busy season. I'm glad because I have been doing that. Perfection is not something achievable this season (or any season). What I want is consistence. Giving myself grace empowers me to keep practicing good health habits. 

We have less than two weeks until Christmas and less than three short weeks until the new year. I am determined to finish 2023 strong. 

Thanks for joining me in the journey! 

Here are the numbers from my last weigh-in:

Starting weight: 175 lbs 

This week's weight: 154.5 lbs (-20.5) 

First Goal: 153.4 lbs (-1.1)

Second Goal: 146 lbs (-8.6)
Final Goal: 136 lbs (-18.5)