What I learned this Fall 2023

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

This Fall, I was more settled into life the life God is giving us in Georgia. I learned to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding trees. Fall is breathtaking everywhere here. I don't feel like I did in NC. North Carolina gave me the impression that I was inside a postcard. I felt invaded by beauty. Georgia awakens gratitude and praise. When I look at the changing leaves, I tell God, "Thank you for bringing me here." I pray I can be ever grateful for the beauty of creation. Gratitude is followed by praises to God for creating the exacerbating beauty of Fall. 

This Fall we took time to celebrate family. We enjoyed being with family and seeing some of their routine. It was great to be together and remember what it feels like to be known and loved. 

I looked back a lot. What I noticed is that this has been the most peaceful Fall season we've had in a long, long time. 

Peace is a great companion. It allows us to enjoy today. It allows us to take pleasure in the blessings God so graciously gives us. Sure, I was grateful in previous Falls. I was also so stressed out that I didn't have a lot of room for ordinary enjoyment. 

Fall was a season of growth for me. I asked myself hard questions. I forced myself to face the truth and make a different choice. My life doesn't have to work for others. I can see that others have something to gain when I follow their plan. What I lose is the God-given right to choose the direction of my own life. In the area of exercise and nutrition, I saw that some programs are meant to keep you in a loop. 

You follow a plan but you always depend on a leader. The leader is your go-to for everything. When I choose the direction of my own life, I take ownership of the plan. I make it work for me and my goals. The leader becomes a consultant, not an expert. I'm the expert when it comes to my own life. This approach is fruitful because I discovered many ways to accomplish a goal. I simply need to do what works for me without fear. 

I learned I can trust God to lead and guide us through thick and thin. I saw God be merciful to us. I saw Him answer prayers and give us peace. I'm grateful. 

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