Reflective Questions 2023

Sunday, December 31, 2023

 Over the previous 12 months... quick-fire responses:

What did you get curious about? Making consistency work for me. 

What did you get over? My regrets

What did you good at? Crossfit 

What did you embrace? My place in the world 

What did you rediscover? Optimal learning 

What did you surrender to? God's best 

What did you sacrifice? My desires 

What did you sideline? My need to be liked 

What did you survive? Tough workouts 

What did you celebrate? Zeke and the kids' accomplishments

Contemplate. Take time to ponder:

What did this year teach you about your capacity for courage? I have a lot of it. 

What risks did you take? How did they work out? I pushed myself to work harder at the gym. It made me stronger. 

What did this year teach you about relationships? Love? your capacity for forgiveness? I learned to invest in the relationships that are the most important in life. I learned that I'm supposed to say no to lesser pursuits that conflict with those relationships. Love is what I received over and over again from my family. I'm grateful. I also learned that when people are well-loved, it shows. I learned I need to expand my capacity to forgive and I need to forgive quickly. 

What particular synchronicities did you notice? I noticed every time my heart cries out to God for help, He sends one of His children to help me. 

Where did you bring light to the darkness for someone? I choose to believe that this was all thanks to God. I was close to a person at work who had a loss in her family. I was able to offer prayers and words of comfort. Only God could orchestrate that particular event.

When were you generous? How did that serve you? I want to be a generous person so I need to do generous things. I think it does the heart good while it helps the community around us. 

Did you neglect yourself in any way? Was there a time when you did not allow yourself something you needed? If a similar situation arises this year, what will you tell yourself?

I want to say yes. I can only think of neglecting rest because of mindless browsing. Also, part of being a mother is putting yourself last. I want to be more mindful to get rest on a regular basis. 

Of all the places where you spent time, which environment made you the calmest? Where did you have your best ideas? 

I'm calmest in Zeke's arms. I have good ideas while I run. Best ideas came from doing the tedious work of reflecting on pen and paper then talking out loud to Zeke or the kids about what I learned. 

What changes did you notice in your loved ones? 

Kids are growing so beautifully. 

What went on in the world that really affected you? What did that teach you in your role in wider society?

War affects us all. It reminds me to both pray and work for peace. 

What did this year teach you about the preciousness of life?

I'm aware of the preciousness of life. I'm just paralyzed by the fact we'll all lose someone precious to us. Then I'm moved to action by my purpose, my God-given purpose. 


What did you create or made happen this year?

Professionally it was an excellent first year. On the home front, I was able to help everyone be their best. 

What brought you the most satisfaction? Being there for my family. 

What was money well spent and when did you waste money?

This was a good year of stewardship. I think that I can always improve and learn. 

What was the best use of your time and energy? Where did you waste time and energy?

Best use of my time was in prayer. Worst use was in worry and unforgiveness. 

What was a real success for you and why? 

What did you learn from that? I always try to be helpful to my family. I found small way to do that for my husband. I learned that even small acts can really help him thrive. 

What didn't work out as you hoped? Why? What did you learn from that? I tried to start a few groups. I learned that failure is not fruitless or giftless. I was able to advance in those particular focus areas. I was able to impact a few lives. 

What or who was a challenge? Why? What did you learn from that? Reaching a few of my fitness goals was a challenge. I learned persistence and the importance of showing up every day to do mundane work. 

What was the single most important thing you did for your physical health? 

I attended CrossFit classes on a regular basis. 

What was the single most important thing you did for your mental health? Prayer. 

If you could sum up the year in a single word, what would it be? Settled. 

Letting go:

Write down things you want to let go.

Questions about a past season I will never understand. 

Moving forward:

When did you allow yourself to be vulnerable over the past 12 months? What did you learn in the process?

I'd say in prayer. God really wants to hear what is going on with me. 

What do you want to carry with you in the new year?

Everything I learned from God and all my ideas to improve our family life. 

What truths are you ready to start believing? God has more and He is faithful. 

What are you ready to receive? God's bounty. 

Time to make a plan. 

* from "Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year" by Beth Kempton. 


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