Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 31, 2023

I'm still new in Georgia. I'm not new to failed projects everywhere I go. I'm not new to the lessons learned from such failure. Failure is an act of proving unsuccessful, a nonperformance of something expected. 

I had ideas for a few groups. Three ideas to be exact. I had the creativity, the format, the space in my schedule, and the desire to put in the hard work. All of these failed. 

People are watching. Most are watching through social media. The thing is, we are not always transparent there so they see what we show. God is always watching. I learned that when I serve Him, failure is not fruitless. 

One of the first groups I led that failed to thrive allowed me to reach significant personal goals. I was able to get clarity and a winning strategy.

Some failures point to clear closed doors. These are my least favorite. I often arrive at closed doors with a sense of dread. I audibly say, "I tried." Then I consider the circumstances surrounding the failure. It was not going to work because I've been here before. What to do? Thank God for closed doors. In that case, I was able to explore the open doors around me. 

I had a peace I didn't know before. Multiple areas of life began to noticeably flourish. Friends, I will take the peace that comes with a closed door over the desperation I feel when I open that door with my own strength. When I obey God, failure is not giftless. 

I'm currently carrying out a failed project that is in the up-for-debate category. I sincerely know the idea came from me. It would be beneficial. It is just not as successful as I wish it was. The last time I tried to carry out this same idea, I learned the power of quiet perseverance. I firmly learned to be unapologetically me. God allowed me to get a glimpse of the fruit of that idea. I felt a humbling joy deep inside and I carry it out with me to this day. 

Yesterday, I was very much in a frustrated mindset. I often wonder why I had to open my big mouth and invite people to improve their lives in exchange for nothing. I was in the middle of my thoughts when God sent me a stranger with the gift of fierce encouragement. I was undone. 

I'm sure you know this but if you ask God a question He will answer you. Most of the time He sends you one of His children with the answer. I learned that in the presence of doubt, I can keep doing good. I can keep serving God as I serve others. It does feel odd most of the time but if God is not telling me to stop, I shouldn't. I can serve to the best of my ability. When I obey God, failure is not discouraging. 

Failure is a divine tool for growth. If it keeps me close to God and His plan for me, I'm okay with it. How about you? Have you seen failure through Divine lenses?