Lessons for a Busy Spring

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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I was driving one of my kids to a class one evening and she reminded me that this is the most "chill" season of the year for us. I'm glad she is starting to notice how our lives flow throughout the year. Mind you, "chill" means multiple classes, rehearsals, performances, church responsibilities, and such. We also spoke about how we get increasingly busy as the Easter season comes along. 

I believe in learning from my life. As I think back to busy seasons, here are a few things I am reminding myself: 

Don't reinvent the wheel 

I first thought about this when I was wracking my brain trying to come up with new year goals. Why reinvent the wheel if I can do what works? I believe in pushing myself. I'm a fan of achieving more and growing exponentially. I also know that I can keep going and doing things that work well during busy seasons. 

Prepare for the busy season

Preparation is my superpower. While it does not guarantee that things will be perfect, it will help me have a smoother ride. 

Master short cuts 

Have you been in a car with someone who shows you a shortcut they're proud of? In your head, there is a better shortcut. If you are kind and considerate, you will celebrate the person's discovery without sharing your personal preference. Shortcuts are just that: personal preferences that make sense to us. It is good to know which shortcuts will make your life easier during busy seasons. For me, anything that helps me get a healthy dinner on the table is worth the investment. I know that when I invest thought and time, I make good choices in this area. 

Schedule rest 

We often think of burning the midnight oil when we are busy. Scheduling rest guarantees we have the energy to complete our tasks. The best way for me to get rest is at night. I focus on getting enough rest at night so I can wake up with energy. I also try to get downtime when I'm off work. Pushing myself to produce without any rest is unproductive and unhealthy.   

Get in line early for important appointments

I learned last year to call beauticians and request hair appointments for the kids early. Everyone is booked silly during Easter. It does not hurt to get in line early. I also decided not to wait until the last minute to get everyone's outfits. It was one of the best decisions I made. 

Preparation works for other areas of life as well. I invite you to consider the next couple of weeks and pinpoint your busy season. How will you prepare? 

The most important preparation we can all make happens in the heart. Starting each day with prayer and Bible study is the key to facing a busy season. God knows what each season holds. We can always find guidance when we go to Him.