Sunday Seven

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Psalm 37 is one of the most popular Psalms if you consider the amount of wall art out there. Considering Scripture is about God, I am thinking about how we can focus on the Lord no matter how challenging our circumstances may be. 

  1. Trust in the Lord (v.3) - God has a good ending for us. It is hard to see it from the battlefield thus trust is essential. Trust in God is a decision. 
  2. Do good (v.3) - I appreciate the practicality of David. When we do good, we do exactly what God would do: bless others. I personally take a break from the stressful part of any challenges that come my way. I ask: Lord, how can I do good to someone today? He always shows me.   
  3. Refrain from anger (v.8) - While feeling angry about our problems is natural, it only leads to evil. In the past, I spent a long time in simmering anger and wrath. It was awful. It did not lead me to righteousness. God knows what He is doing when He tells us to turn from wrath and anger. 
  4. Commit your way to the Lord (v. 5) - It is up to me to commit my way to the Lord with all my trust. It is up to God to bring about righteous reward and vindication that are brighter than the strongest light we know as humans. When I commit my way, I say: "I dedicated everything I do to you with trust." Then I act in a Godly, Biblical way. 
  5. Be still and patient before the Lord (v.7) - Even when we don't see it, God is working on our behalf. When we see evildoers succeeding, God calls us to be still before the Lord and with patience. No, this is not easy but following the Lord is about obedience, not convenience. 
  6. Give generously (v.21) - I apply this verse as a way of life. There is a clear difference between the people of God and evildoers. We are as generous as our Heavenly Father is. The difficulties we face in life shouldn't affect our generosity. It's not always about a monetary amount. I can be generous with the time I spend listening to someone else's burdens. I can be generous with my talents. These acts of generosities are best done when we remember it is the Lord God whom we serve. He is our role model. Jesus was never too busy to be generous. 
  7. Keep the law of the Lord in your heart so you can utter wisdom (v.30, 31) - True wisdom comes from a heart that keeps the law of the Lord. In seasons of distress, it is very important to continue to read and study the Bible. I'd say it is more important to do that than to be fooled by mindless scrolling. We can't give what we don't have. What comes out of my mouth was first in my heart. May we love the Bible more than we love worldly knowledge.