Sunday Seven

Friday, February 9, 2024

 Sunday Seven

1. Love is a decision. Love is also sacrificial. 

2. I spent time with a new friend as well as friends who know me for a while. I truly enjoyed connecting with them and learning from their wisdom. 

3. Family is where my heart completely belongs. I know kids grow fast and the time to launch them draws near. While we are all together, we are treasuring the time we have as a family. I appreciate the simplicity of our days, the difficulties that help us grow, and the unconditional love we share. 

4. I'm learning to make few statements about the estate of the world. I'm learning that serving others as a child of God is a better use of my time. 

5. My husband is the best human being I will ever know. I thank God for Zeke. His love and dedication to us are without comparison. I am grateful to God for blessing me with Zeke. 

6. Total forgiveness is a life sentence. I am grateful to God for the guidelines He gave us to forgive as we have been forgiven. 

7. Some dreams seem outside of reach. Believe any way.