2024 Goals: Week 6

Monday, February 12, 2024

 2024 Goals: Week 6 

“If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” —Thomas Edison

When I wrote my 2024 goals, I did not know how the year would go. I just decided to cast vision. I then looked for a way to make that vision come to pass. I ran into the 12-week Year Method by chance. The book made sense to me so I've been applying it to my goals. 

The interesting thing about this year is that I started pursuing my goals in mid-January. I've done that before, and it's completely okay. 

I always thought that January was the rehearsal. February is when the curtains are open and the show starts. 

Achieving goals is not seamless. There are so many barriers. The good thing about the 12-week Year approach is the way this framework considers barriers while providing a solution to this common goal-achieving problem.

"We have found that top performers— whether athletes or business professionals—are great, not because their ideas are better, but because their execution disciplines are better. These fi ve disciplines are: 1. Vision 2. Planning 3. Process Control 4. Measurement 5. Time Use."

  • from The 12-Week Year

Execution disciplines are my focus for each one of the goals I have set out to accomplish this year. 

Out of these five, I've been hanging out with process control and measurement quite a bit. 

I take time to plan and correctly divide my time before the week starts. I'm making peace with process control and measurement. 

“It ’s not what you know; it ’s not even who you know; it ’s what you implement that counts."

This new goal-setting approach allows me to take ownership of my year. Sure, things don't always go my way. A flat tire can throw a perfect schedule off track. Ask me how I know. The thing is, we pick up from where we left and we keep going toward our desired outcome. 

I am choosing to believe that we can accomplish a lot this year if we choose to follow the process that leads to implementation.