Good weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2005

I had a happy weekend. I rested most of the time. I've been on the go for months and my body was begging me for rest. I feel much better today. I brought my exercise clothes to work today and I do plan to use it. I believe I'll feel better when I start exercising regulary. I ate okay this weekend. No chocolate, no candy, just a lot of crackers... I'll do better today. My weight on Saturday: 155 lbs. My goal is 125 lbs by May 20th, 2006 WEDDING DAY! I want to be healthier, I can't stand being sick or feeling sick. God gave me a perfect body (155lbs and all) and I need to be a good stewart of what He has given me.
You know what? I need to set the example and continue to bring healthy snacks to the meetings we have here at the office. I always have fruit and something else, which is good.
I'll write tomorrow about today. I don't want to wait til my metabolism slows down in order to try to lose weight. The perfect time is now. I FEEL GOOD ALREADY!!!