Time in my hands

Monday, September 12, 2005

I have time in my hands so I decided to post something else :) I'm looking forward to walking today. I miss walking, it really made me feel good about myself and it made me heathier as well. I like to go to a few web sites to get weight loss inspiration such as oprah.com, ivillage.com, as well as the food and nutrion part of www.mayoclinic.com - they have great articles all the time.

Reading articles and blogging won't do anything unless I decide to change for myself and get on the program. Getting married in 8 months is a reason to lose weight but not a good one.

I remember when I first lost a lot of weight. I was in high school. I lost a lot of weight, I was in my ideal weight for a little bit. My support system was great, all my girl friends at school were on diet with me and my parents have always been very supportive. I'm still in awe when I look at those pictures.

In order for stuff to work for Cintia, Cintia needs to be very strict. There was no cakes, no desserts, no fatning foods, and believe it or not, I still ate very well and I wasn't hardly hungry. Once I started losing weight I got even more motivated and the kilos (different metric system) kept coming off.

I am overweight because I go to food for comfort. I go to food when I watch movies and have nothing else to do. I have to regain the control over these urges.

This summer I lost a lot of weight pretty fast. I tortured myself and went from 155 to 147 lbs. I don't like to be tortured but I do enjoy seeing the pounds to away. I hope they won't come back this time. So help me God.

Losing weight takes a lot of discipline. I remember being extremely disciplined with my eating habits and exercise habits as well. Okay. Discipline, is what I need. Persistency to stick with the program and long and behold I'll feel better pretty soon.