Plan for Cintia

Friday, September 9, 2005

This is my game plan:

Current weight: 155lbs?
Goal weight: 125 lbs

Okay, I know I need to lose 30 lbs.
How am I going to do it???

I MUST exercise several times per week. I have no dinheiro to go to the gym, so I have to use the natural resources of Paradise, USA.
I want to start running. That will be good therapy and it will help me A LOT with the weight loss process.

I must refrain from coffee, sugar and all kinds of substitutes, chocolate (it gives me acne), most carbs (if I stay away from it, the pounds melt magically), desserts, you get the picture.

This is a great chance to go organic. I want to do it. I want to eat more fish, I want to cut my red meat consumption, I want to drink water more than anything else.

I'm proud that I don't drink soft drinks (pop or whatever you call it) for around 10 years now. If I can stick with my change of lifestyle like that, it will be great :)

The time is now!!! I'm ready. I'll come here and write more often as well.