Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"You need to find ways of nurturing yourself and pampering yourself that are not food related. Know yourself. Do you collect stuff? Do you like to go on eBay and thrift shop? What are your hobbies? Put together a family album. Write your memoirs. Do stuff that's incompatible with self-destruction and that will help."

*I must accept my body. I'm a REAL flesh and blood woman with imperfections. I must accept my body!!! I must embrace my imperfections, that's the only way to move forward!

Putting it all on paper will also help you think more fully about your goals: Do you want to be healthy, confident, physically and mentally strong? What clothes do you want to wear that you can't now? See and feel yourself in your ultimate body, living a new life, playing with your kids, going on a date, getting compliments from friends or coworkers. Whatever the ultimate goals are for you, both physically and emotionally, write them down now in as much detail as you can, and refer back to them often. They will help you stay motivated on your journey.
* I do want to be healthy, confident, and strong in every sense of the word. I see myself in my ultimate body getting married in a beautiful dress, walking down the isle to meet the love of my life smiling at me. I want to keep this ultimate body as long as I live. I want to be able to adapt with being in this new body. I want to overcome the barrier my mind gave me years ago when I reached my goal but my mind kept telling me I was still fat. I want to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to cook healthier meals that are delicious as well. I don't want to make food the center of my life. I want God to be the center and serving others. I don't want to go to food when I feel lonely and tired, I want to rest in God, write, take a walk, read a good book or go for a run. I want to exercise frequently. I want to run 4 times a week at least. I want to wear tight shirts that I can't now because my stomach is too big. I want to be able to feel good about myself, no matter if I'm by myself or if there's someone around. I have the confidence that with God's help, persistance and discipline I'll give this gift to myself: the body God gave me healthier.

Short term goals:
* To lose at least 2 pounds per week;
* To look great during Thanksgiving and my future husband's birthday;
* Not to gain weight during holidays;
* Get serious with an exercise program.