Reflections of my first day on diet

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I made it! I must be upfront and say I had 3 snack Almond Joys. They were pretty good. I'll try no to do the same for the rest of the week. Why I had them? I guess I was feeling like I needed something sweet. I had an apple for dessert but I had a sugar craving I guess (I have lots of them, but I know it's possible to overcome them).

I did pretty well yesterday at work and all. I didn't have any coffee, I had three cups of tea, all decaff. I am drinking a lot of green tea as well. I started drinking it before it became extremely famous if you know what I mean.

I weighed myself and I didn't like what I saw. I guess I'll wait til Saturday to do it again...

On a brighter note, I went walking yesterday. I'll probably go walking again tomorrow. I have to be at work til around 6 p.m. tonight and I have Bible study afterwards.

Remiders to myself:

I AM BEAUTIFUL, no matter how much my weight is.
I want to be a healthier person, I must stick with my weight loss program.
I want to run some day. Give some thought to training to a marathon.
A person like me needs goals: 125 lbs is the goal by May 20, 2006.
I can reach my goal earlier than the established date.