Let's try AGAIN

Friday, September 9, 2005

I lost a great deal of weight (around 10 lbs) and I gained it all back again... We will try again. I have a friend who is an inspiration. I asked her to help me stay inspired. She has a blog with pictures of her success and all. We've known each other since we were kids, I've seen her struggle with weight so I'm very happy she's skinny Li now :) The thing is what Cintia is going to do for Cintia. I came out of a very stressful period but that does not mean I can't keep up with healthy eating habits. I still have the wrong motivations to lose weight. Right now I'll be honest, I want to lose weight so I can look good on Thanksgiving when I see my in-laws and for the wedding of course. I always thought that I must make time for myself everyday, no matter the cost. That's the only way I'll stay sane and balanced. How come I always have extra time to hussle but I can't take care of me? What about I start tonight? I'll work on the healthy food items tomorrow, I'll walk tomorrow and I'll pray to stay focused throughout the week. Stay with me in this jorney, would you please?