Priorities Change

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's funny how your priorities change as the years go by. 3 years ago, my priority was to lose weight and not to get in debt during the holidays. I got the not getting into further debt thing down since losing weight has always been a focus. Last year the focus was not to gain everything I lost back, thus, a series of articles on how to master the Thanksgiving dinner table. This year I'm happily pregnant. I'm in control of my eating habits and exercise, so my focus is to relax, nurture this baby and enjoy Thanksgiving instead of freak out in advance. If I knew then what I know now, I'd tell myself: enjoy the season. Yes to having an exercise and eating plan but you are more powerful than you think. You are not going to gain 30 pounds in one sitting. The gym will be open on Friday, go there, run and get home to watch some fun movies and drink hot cocoa. I keep thinking on how this is a season of expectation for me. Not only expecting this baby but the new life that the baby brings to our family and vice-versa. Next Thanksgiving it will be 3 of us. How exciting is that?
I started looking at nursery styles. I really like this style right here. Why? It's classy, neutral and easy to change as my baby grows up. Another thing is that, I'm not sure how long we're gonna be at this house. I might have a few more babies, so it's important to make sure that everyone has their fair chance with this room. If we just have one for a while, it seems to be easier to change as the child grows up. I'd hate to paint over a whole amazon forest mural once my baby turns into a pre teen. This room also looks like something my husband and I can handle – style wise. We'll see how it will eventually turn out.

It's cold again but I got out there yesterday and walked 2.6 miles. It's supposed to rain today but hopefully not around the time I need to get out there. Walking is awesome, it's gotta be my favorite way to exercise cause it's so easy. Let's all get out there and walk this week!