Back to the Gym: quick update

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mama went back to the gym yesterday. It took me a few months (well, more like 6) but I feel very much pregnant now. I still lifted weights (I need to be more consistent so it won't be so hard every other week I decide to keep going with that) and walked for 40 minutes. I slept like the baby I'm carrying LOL. I must say exercising helps me rest much better at night.
I'm into peanut butter and rice cakes again. I was sick of it 4 months ago but this is a healthy snack that just fills me up and gives me the good nutrition I need. I've been eating lots of salads this week too. I'm getting creative with them, adding cottage cheese, craizings, pumpkin seeds on top of the good spinach carrots combination. I also eat chicken with my salads. No matter how green, I still need protein in my system. In this season it seems to be vital to stay in the gym. If I miss too many days my pregnant body just gets out of control. I don't have as much energy, I just get funny and I don't like that. I'm not working out like I was when I was training (I was pregnant then but much smaller) but I'm still getting my exercise in most days of the week. I'm not having any cravings for sweets, I'm actually trying to stay away from eating them. Sister girl had enough during the holidays. We're into fruits and yogurt now. I gotta run. Just a quick update to you. Stay warm! It's ridiculously cold here - the day when I decided to go to my neighbors houses and give them some treats. It was the shortest, coldest walk ever! Bye for now yall.