Thursday, January 29, 2009

*Photo of us last July on our way to Geneva :)

Valentine's Day is almost here. Once the Christmas decorations came down at Wal-Mart the red and pink heart stuff went up. I wonder if people actually buy that stuff. All the bright red stuffed animals... I told Zeke if he ever buys me something like that, I'll probably shove it in his mouth LOL. Another thing we agreed once we began dating is, please don't buy me chocolate for V-day. Most of the chocolate I like is not available everywhere (Brazilian and Swiss). I'm not crazy about chocolate either, so that would be a huge waist of dinero. Now that you know everything I don't like for Valentines LOL, let's talk about what I do like. One of the sweetest V-day gifts I had came the year we got married. We had no money to buy gifts for one another and we lived in the smallest efficiency apartment in the world. We made gifts for one another. I cried when I got a poem Zeke wrote for me. I don't think I'll ever forget that day. This year we have plans and you know I already ordered his gift.
This week has bee a successful one when it comes to exercise. I've been going to the gym by myself but so far, I've been there 4 times. I went early this morning. I love it but because I was there last night I was still a little tired. I made it through, thank God!
I've been wondering about nutrition post birth. I've been reading stuff but that's a question my doctor and health educator will have to answer. I hear that some people restrict a lot of foods so the baby won't taste it in the milk and have gas for example. I'm sorry but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I thought that instead of tasting brocolis and cheese, my son will most likely enjoy the nutrients these foods have. We'll see. We have a doctor's visit Friday so I'll probably ask him that. Oh, we also have an ultrassound! I'm excited about seeing my baby and how much he's grown.
About a boy: I'll be teaching my son Portuguese. I'll be speaking to him only in Portuguese. My husband is excited about that, he wants all our children to be fluent in Portuguese. I think that's a blessing. I found some books in Portuguese on, I hope I can get them as gifts. I can't wait to see what my son will look like but I've been praying that he looks just like Zeke. I think my man looks so good, any of our children will be blessed to have his characteristics ;)
This weekend we have no plans. That's awesome because we've been super busy since the holiday season was over. I'm getting my hair trimmed :) Hope you get to do what you want and need this weekend.