Wonderful Days!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday! I’m writing on my lunch break (LOL). I’ve had wonderful days. We have been gazing at the baby’s 3D and trying to figure out who he looks like. It turned out the CD does work but not in Mac. What about that? The photos are tiny, you have to pump up the pixels in order to see it. Maybe by the time we have baby number 2 the technology will give us larger images with more pixels. I guess since I’ve seen the photos that intensified the already existing love I have for my son. I’m looking forward to seeing him in person when he’s ready – not before then (lol).
Yesterday was my day off. I stayed off my feet most of the day tough we washed all our clothes (yes!) and cooked. One of my girlfriends came over for lunch, so we had Brazilian food (salpicao) and I baked a German Chocolate cake for dessert. A friend from church gave me some homemade icing and that was one of the best desserts to come out of our kitchen! No, the cake was not homemade but that’s okay. My friend and I watched several baby shows on Discovery Health (Bringing Home Baby, Pregnancy for Dummies and Birth Day). I don’t like to watch too many of them because EVERYONE HAS A BAD PROBLEM IN THOSE SHOWS!!! If not, it would not make it for ‘good’ television. Pregnancy for Dummies was the best one, it explained a lot of great stuff. My husband cooked dinner for me! The good thing is that he does it often. We had a great dinner and afterwards I got my hair done and got ready for the weekend.
The doctor’s visit was great this morning! I’m 33 weeks, my belly measures 34 but that’s okay. With cake and all I lost a pound. It was just weight fluctuation I'm sure but that made me feel good about controling what I eat (HUGE SMILE!). All the labs are great, blood pressure is great and I feel rested for a weekend of work and fun!
We have two busy weekends with work and a baby shower right after that. How fun and what a celebration!!! Pray for me this weekend and have a great one yourself! Here's a photo of my love, my husband and GREATEST supporter!