Walking away

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life as a new mom is not easy, is not as convenient as my life before. I feel that I had an easier option when it came to exercising. Now I have to plan and execute it during a certain time or it won’t get done at all. Having goals for the week help a lot with that. Even if I can’t reach them, I will still benefit from trying.

Having a more structured menu based on the food pyramid has helped me beyond measure. I even feel better about myself because I am doing something about the weight I still need to lose. Thank God for all He’s done for me!

I had a great walk this a.m. I needed to eat at least some fruit before I left. Timing was excellent, I just felt exhausted like there was nothing to be burned to begin with.

I have been eating this organic 7 grain hot cereal for breakfast with agave nectar and banana. Talk about a breath of fresh air for my morning routine! Cereal gets old from time to time and oatmeal is my thing during the winter, so this has been good and kind of light.

Here’s the menu for today so far. Haven’t thought about dinner but I know what I need to eat:


½ cup of 7 grain hot cereal

½ banana

1 teaspoon of flax

1 cup of milk with tea or coffee

(1fruit, 1 grain, 1 oil, 1 dairy)


1 cup of greek yogurt

(1 dairy)


1 cup of leek soup

1 cup of asparagus & veggies

(2 veggies)


2 rice cakes, 3 T peanut butter

(1 grain, 1 protein)

Dinner: 1 protein; 1 vegetable; 1 fruit; 3 grains; 1 dairy

My Goals for this Week:

{1} To burn at least 2,000 calories by walking 22 miles – 8 miles to go.

{2} To get the correct amounts of protein, dairy, veggies, fruits, grains and water daily.

{3} Focus on behavior change, not on the numbers on the scale.