Nice Update

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I’m so happy that after deciding it was time to get back to healthier habits I lost 2 pounds! I wasn’t super dedicated the whole week as I have been in the past. By day 4 I was wondering what’s the use of sticking with it: there was no time to think about calorie content so the best I could do is read labels. There was no time to prepare meals at times so I did go to fast food twice. I made the time to walk which was 3 out of the ideal 5 times I wanted to get out there and thank God, it still worked! If I could focus on 3 things instead of 30, I would focus on portions, exercise and adding more fruits and veggies. I also started taking my vitamins. It’s a good start and I’m happy and thankful to God for the results. I do plan on keep doing what I’m not doing and not making it hard for myself.
Today I introduced sweet potatoes to the baby. I bought one of those baby food jars in the store and yes, I read the label. I noticed the amount of crazy ingredients they add in some baby food. It’s sad but that’s what it takes to make food have a shelf life that is due in forever and a day. I bought a butternut squash to make so he can try next week. This whole thing about introducing new foods is fun. It will be interesting to see when he’s ready to start with table foods. I’m looking forward to giving him rice and beans (a favorite around here).
If you look in the previous post you’ll notice we gave the Little Prince a haircut. We knew the time was coming so we went ahead and did it. You can see his beautiful face better. It’s definitely easier to keep up with this hairstyle because I don’t use the brush as often as I did before. It requires way less shampoo (I was using my own because the baby shampoo was doing nothing for him) as well.
There’s a huge consignment sale coming to our town and I am looking forward to buying new clothes. We go enough to cover us for most of his first year but we have winter coming. I also need clothes for 9 months and on. I don’t sell things on consignment yet because we are definitely having more children so it’s not wise to give everything away right now.
We went for a walk around the neighborhood today, it was such a lovely one! The baby loved riding in the front carrier and I enjoyed the extra weight on me, which added a lot to the exercise. Let’s see if the weather will permit us to do that again this week. That’s all for now friends! Have an awesome week!